Vegan guide for Barcelona – 8 places you need to visit + one tips

Vegan guide for Barcelona – 8 places you need to visit + one tips

As a vegan, it can be really hard to actually find vegan food when you’re out on the road. Or at least healthy food. In Sweden, Barcelona has a rumor that they have become a vegan city.

And yeah, we found several places which is a must go if you are visiting Barcelona as a vegan or maybe just curious about the vegan food and the lifestyle. Therefore we wanted to share some places with what, where and when you can do vegan things in Barcelona.

1. The living food

This store is owned by two amazing guys. It has everything you need as a vegan. It’s kind of a supermarket but a little bit smaller and much more welcoming. In here you can find all kinds of things that you need to have for cooking but also if you need something on the go.

But the best part, they have raw homemade vegan cheese in all kinds that are really popular. Yeah, you can imagine an evening with your friends or with your beloved one eating vegan cheese with some vegan crackers. In the background, you have lighted some candles and soft music coming out from the speaker. But you have to be aware, some of these cheese is so popular that you need to be on a list to get them. But hey, worth it right?

The hospitality was great and you are welcomed as soon as you’re entering the store. Offering you help to find what you want, if you’re not speaking Spanish they’re offering translation help. This place is fantastic. Prepare yourself for an amazing visit in this store with amazing and happy people.

Hospitality: Location: Selection: Price:

Adress: The Living Food, c/ Viladomat 85, 08015 Barcelona

Photo 1. Ivan Jiminez Foto Photo2. Anna Garcia Frigola
Photo 1. Ivan Jiminez Foto Photo2. Anna Garcia Frigola


2. Veganoteca

This place is similar to The Living Food but not that big and not as big selection as they have. This is a great store if you’re passing by and need to grab some snack or something on your way. One good thing is also that they have nutrition for dogs and cats. You can find everything from food to minerals and vitamins. It’s a great place while passing by but not a store I would shop from on a daily basis. I would say the staff is great but there is a little bit of a barrier with the language. But use sign language and mix it with all the other speaking languages and everything will work out perfectly.

Hospitality: Location: Selection: Price:

Adress: Veganoteca, Carrer de Valldonzella, 60, 08001 Barcelona, Spanien

3. Vegetalia

This place is based on a vegetarian selection. But they have some vegan option and to be honest, they had the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. They have about 4 different vegan pizzas to choose from and they also give you olives that have been pickled in tomatoes and garlic. Amazing! The price for the pizza was as in Sweden. Maybe 8-9 euro and we checked the price for the drinks  (if you drink) and a beer costs around 3-4 euro and if you like drinks they cost 3 euro.

A nice place to a little park and you have a skatepark right beside the restaurant. Not that you can see them but if you walk on the other side of the building you will see a lot of skaters. So it will not disturb you while you’re eating. I really recommend this place if you like pizza.

Hospitality: Localisation: Selection: Price:

Adress: Vegetalia, Carrer dels Escudellers, 54, 08002 Barcelona, Spanien


4. The Dog Is Hot

How terrible the name is they actually have vegan sausage in this place. Vegan fast-food if you want to kill your hunger after a long day in Barcelona or after a crazy night out. It’s a small place with room to sit upstairs but no place to sit outside. I wouldn’t say that the soy-sausage was the best I’ve been eating ever. But it was okay. They had so many different toppings that you could put on. The price was also good. Not to expensive, around 3 euro. Worth a try.

Hospitality:  Location: Selection: Price:


Adress: The Dog Is Hot, C/ de L’OR 8 (PLAZA DIAMANT) 08012 Barcelona / C/ JOAQUÍN COSTA 47, 08001 Barcelona

5. Chök

This place is a must go if you like sweet stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t go there because we have friends that want us to come back… Therefore we got to know this place after we left Barcelona. But at this place you can buy vegan cookies and pastries. Everything is not vegan but they have options for it. A place you really need to check out if you need fast carbs and to reach your daily sugar levels. We definitely will when we get back to Barcelona next spring. Unfortunately, we can’t grade the place but if you’ve been there. Please give us your thoughts.


Adress: CHÖK, c/ del Carme, 3, 08001, Barcelona


7. La Gelateria A Del Barri – Vegan Ice-cream

We found one place that actually had vegan ice-cream that wasn’t sorbé. These were made of plant-based milk and also bananas. They had about 10 different flavors and one of them was NOT vegan. But they have carefully marked all the vegan options. It’s an easy place to find because it’s near the La Rambla, which is the most famous street in Barcelona. The only thing is that it was crazy expensive. You could choose one, two or three glass balls and one costs around 4 euro. And I think that is quite expensive. But if you’re craving some vegan ice cream, then you have an option right here.

Hospitality:  Location: Selection: Price:

Adress: La Gelateria del Barri, Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix 14, 08003 Barcelona


8. Anonymous for the voiceless

Would you love to learn about veganism and educate yourself food, ethics and how to live a vegan lifestyle? Then you have the possibility while you’re in Barcelona. Anonymous for the voiceless is an organization that educate and enlighten people about a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. You can also join the people who volunteer for this organization to be apart of a peaceful vegan activism that has the goal to enlighten people out on the streets.

If you’re interested you can contact a guy named Seb Alex. He’s a good friend of ours and can help you with all your questions that you have about this lifestyle. And let me put it this way, you won’t have a bad time with this guy unless you offend him about hummus. That’s a big no no. Unless he’s a really funny guy.

Seb Alex



9. Happy cow app

If you want to find other vegan places I would definitely recommend this app Happy Cow. They register all the restaurants and other places that are vegan, vegetarian and regular restaurants with vegan options. It’s also possible to rate every place. And of course, this app isn’t just for Barcelona. This app is great to have when you’ll visit big cities. It costs 5 euro but definitely worth it. You can find it on both Android and iPhone.


I hope that you find this guide useful and we will definitely make a vegan guide #2 from our second visit in Barcelona.

During this week we ask if there is something you’ll like to know from the life we’re living. We have recieved a lot of questions but we would love to ask the same questions here. So if you have any questions about our life, just send them in the comments and we will make a Q&A as the next post.

Until next time, spread love guys! 

– Vicky & Melvin

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