Q & A – How is it to live our life?

Q & A – How is it to live our life?

A couple of weeks ago I asked what you would like to know about our lifestyle in our camper.

We got all kinds of questions which is so fun. So let us get started. Some of them are a teaser for upcoming blog posts so stay tuned.

Q: How did we decide to do this?

We decided to do this adventure because of our dreams. We have dreams of traveling around the world together. When we lived in Sweden we felt stuck in our own life. And that’s not how you’re supposed to live your life. We also want to start our own company together and we are planning everything while we’re out on the road. We want to create a life we don’t want to take a pause from. You can actually read our first post How about compromising with your life? and you can read the whole story.

Q: How do you make it on the road while being vegan?

Yeah, this is it. Being vegan and live on the road can be easy but also really hard. It’s easy if you decide to eat crappy out all day or decides to cook healthy food in the camper. We are actually cooking a lot form the beginning with all types of ingredients.

Q: How is it to live in a camper in Europe?

It’s not hard to live in the actual camper. It’s quite easy because we have everything in here and we also don’t need more stuff than we have in the camper. The hard part for us is to free camp because it’s illegal in most parts of Europe. Yeah, it’s legal in only Sweden, Denmark and Portugal, I think. Not really sure. To be honest, we are to scared to free camp too. But now when we’re in Portugal we have been free camping the last 11 days and it feels great. And safe because we’re doing it with some friends. Check out chiona.de.

Q: How do you free-camp?

We haven’t been free-camping that much as we wanted to. To be honest, it’s probably because we hare to nervous that something or someone is going to get in or something. But since november we have been free-camping a lot. In Portugal it’s quite easy to free-camp and also feel safe at the same time because everybody is doing it and you always meet new people.

But how we free camp. The best thing is to use google maps to find places where you can park with your car. You can actually find really nice spots where you can stay for a couple nights. And there are also apps you can use to find spots where other campers have stayed. You can check out Park4Night and also Parking. And an important advice is to check the countries that you’re driving through because some aren’t allowing free-camping. People are free-camping anyway but watch out for the police. The fine is not fun.

Q: Is it safe at night to sleep in the camper? 

Yeah, it’s safe. But you need to have some things in mind while you’re searching for a place to stay.
1. Find a place when it’s still light outside so you can check the surroundings.
2. Check if there are any other campers at the place, that makes you feel calm at night.
3. Feel your gut, does the place feel safe, then stay. But is it something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then you should find another place.

Q: How big is the camper?

Our camper is 6 square meters in pure living space. 6 m long and 3.70 m high.

Q: What’s important when you live in a small space?

To live minimalistic. Don’t bring stuff you don’t need on your adventure because that will only take space. And also to always fix everything after you’ve done something. Like cooking. Always do the dishes and clean directly afterwords otherwise it always feels messy inside.

Q: Did you lower your costs while changing from apartment to camper

Yeah we did. Because we minimized all our bills from maybe 7 bills in a month to 2. And by the time when we always stood at campsites we tried to find the ones that costs the least. But if we put it this way while free-camping we maybe spend 200-300 euro in a month. While before we spend 1200 euro in a month.

Q: What fuel does your camper need?

Unfortunately we have a diesel. If we could, we would love to have a car that could work on fossil fuel but maybe that’s the next step.

Q: How much money did you save before your adventure?

We saved up around 21000 euro.

Q: How do you wash your clothes?

We usually go to a campsite to wash clothes, take a shower and empty the car from grey water and also empty the toilet.

Q: What plans do you have when you get home again?

We don’t know that yet. Our goal is to not be in Sweden that much for a period of time. We want to explore the world as much as we can. But probably get home, work a little then get out in the world of adventure again.

Q: What decides wether how long you stay at one place?

The place, the atmosphere, the people and the surroundings. Because we don’t have a time to catch we can be at one place as long as we want to.

Q: Do you do touristy things or are you trying to do other things?

We mix a little but we never pay for touristy things. We never pay to go into a museum or anything. But we want to do as little touristy things as possible. Like now, in Portugal we haven’t done any touristy things at all. We have just spent our time at lagoons, the ocean and also checked out Lisbon and some smaller cities. A post of our Portugal adventure will of course come soon.

Q: How much does the adventure cost? 

We don’t know yet but we’re trying to spend a little money as possible.

Q: How long in advance did you prepare? With work, money, sell your things etc.

If you read How about compromising with your life?, you’ll know that we started to save money for a couple of years ago for an adventure that we didn’t know what it was supposed to be. It actually was earlier this year that we decided that our adventure was going to be in a camper around Europe. And therefore we started to sell our things in July and quit work in the same month.

Q: How do you socialize and making contact with other people?

Both Melvin and I are social human beings. It’s easy for us to get in contact with people and that’s how we easily get to know others during this adventure. Also, I’ve been networking online and Facebook is amazing for that cause. We have found so many nice people that also lives like this and loves to travel. So if you want to socialize with other people I really recommend you to check different Facebook groups.

Q: Do you have a toilet in the camper?

Yes we do. We have everything actually. A toilet, kitchen, bedroom etc.

Q: What’s your favorit place until now and why?

Our favorite place is still Barcelona! We love that place because of the atmosphere and the people. We have so many friends there too. You also have everything close by. An amazing city, nature, the ocean. But then Portugal is not far away from our favorite either. It’s an amazing country with beautiful nature and the ocean is majestic.

Q: How do you finance your adventure?

We saved a lot of money before and we are working on to earn some money on our blog. But our dream is also to be able to start our own company.

Q: What do you miss the most from Sweden?

The funny thing is that we actually don’t miss anything. Except for our families and friends of course.

Q: What are you surprised that you don’t miss?

A place to live, be able to shower when ever we want and also all the luxury things. As in the earlier  question, we don’t miss anything in particular.

Q: Your relationship, how do you manage it to work while you’re together 24/7 and how do you get alone-time?

Something Melvin and I are really good at is communicating. And this is something that’s important wether you’re living in a distance relationship, in a apartment together or on 6 square meters in a camper. If something is disturbing us, we’re talking about it. Are we low in energy we give the space for one another after asking if the person needs something. We are also great to get into our own bubbles and get the time that we need for ourselves. This is also a post that we will fokus more on later on.

Hope you got your questions answered and if you have any more questions just ask them and we might do this Q&A part 2 in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading this and next time we will continue our adventure stories.

Until then, spread love!

– Vicky & Melvin

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