Timeless Adventures Part 1 – When things don’t go as planned

Timeless Adventures Part 1 – When things don’t go as planned

This life as a traveler and RV-lifers wasn’t as we first thought it would be. Maybe the glorious Instagram feeds that we’ve been following has given us a twisted view of the whole thing.

Three weeks have passed and it feels that we’ve been away for more or less two months. It’s probably the preparations that made it feel like that. The fact that we haven’t had to go to work for a month before we took off. But just because we quit our jobs didn’t mean less work. We had a lot to do with our camper when we arrived at my, Vickys, parents. Sun panels in their place, new batteries, go through the electricity, check that no water will pour into the RV when it’s raining. Well, the list can grow long. But everything turned out great and a post about our RV will be posted in “tip of the week” sometime in the future for our beloved travelers that want’s to do the same.


However, the journey begun and when we sat on the boat from Helsingborg, Sweden, to Helsingør, Denmark, everything was so surrealistic. We couldn’t get a grip of that we’re actually were on our way. After all this hard work getting the money together, to fix the RV and to get Shanty prepared and even us ready for the adventure. It was finally here. I think I, Vicky, said a million times to Melvin

We are actually on our way Melvin. Can you imagine? We are actually in our RV, on the boat from Sweden to Denmark into Germany? We did it!

Feelings were overwhelming and it was quite nervous to actually get away from the “safety-zone”.
The first night, when we stopped for food and sleep in Germany, feelings caught up. After being active for two whole years of work, dog, planning, fixing the RV, etc. This evening… we had nothing but ourselves. No TV to look at while we were eating, nothing to stress too. There was just nothing that evening and all the feelings caught up with us. The reality hit us.
Did we make the right choice to do this? – The brain is an expert on mind games, isn’t it?
We have the time of our lives ahead of us and we are going to enjoy the heck out of it. At least what we thought.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re loving this life and we ARE having the time of our lives. We love the lifestyle that we’re trying to build for our selves but it doesn’t come on pink clouds and angels that are serving us green amazing smoothies. Yes, I just came up with that myself. Anyway, everything costs more than we thought it would, being stressed about Shanty and all the restrictions and where can we sleep and what does it cost?!

Okay, we’re maybe a little overdramatic but that’s how it felt. In most parts of Europe, it’s illegal to free camp. And that’s unfortunate because we had planned for us to actually free camp mostly the whole time of our trip. To save money. We have around 30 Euro to live from a day and we thought that wouldn’t be a problem. But money is often a problem in many ways for all kinds of people. But Melvin is saying such a nice thing when my brain starts to go berserk about money…

Think about it, there are a lot of people who are working even though they don’t want to. People who would trade with our place directly if they got the chance.

And he’s right!

The thing to live in a camper is that you’re not allowed to park everywhere either. With a Van, Yes, but with a camper, No. Therefore, in the countries that free camp is illegal, we have to stay at a campsite or motorhome parking. Campsites are often located a couple of kilometers out of the actual town and therefore we often need to take a walk or take the bus.

The Netherlands caught us by surprise

Well, this goes both ways.

Amsterdam was amazing, the weather was about 25-29 degrees and no rain. We walked around in this beautiful city for 1 1/2 days and the people in the city was so amazing and polite. Everyone that we talked had such an amazing soul… Wonder why… 😉

The atmosphere in this city is not able to be described without visiting it yourself. It’s actually amazing to be visiting a city where you can feel the energy on a higher level than your used to. How weird that may sound. I know what you’re thinking… Most people might go there for the “privilege” to smoke without being busted by the police. But to feel the energy and the flow in this city without having to do that is amazing. Melvin has been there before but I haven’t and I fell in love with the city despite that I thought it was way too crowded and even Melvin thought so too… But we’re not much of a “crowded-people”-persons. The best place to be was the park actually

We didn’t want to leave Netherlands yet. And therefore we got the tip to actually visit Harleem, a place one hour from Amsterdam. A place where Melvin almost drove over a biker… Because yes, the bikers have precedence in the traffic in Netherlands and they are even biking in the roundabout. Yet, we didn’t find a parking spot and the clock was ticking, it’s always the best to find a place to sleep while the sun still is shining to check the place. So we drove to a national park that we were LONGING for to wander the next morning but guess what…. no dogs allowed. Therefore we slept the night and the plan was to drive further to Utrecht.

The morning we were supposed to wake up, eat breakfast and then drive but the police knocked on the window and woke us up. Apparently, they have policemen JUST for this case, to chase free campers. We were about to get a fee up to 200 euro… But we didn’t. The two polite policemen couldn’t resist Melvins charm and therefore we got off with a warning and a pleasant good day!

Off we go, 200 euro saved, and on our way to Utrecht that is going to become the nicest place we’ve been visiting so far. This little city with a campsite around 3 km from the city center was amazing to stay at. The place was owned by a couple that did all the work and they did an amazing one. Utrecht is a smaller place but such an amazing village with canals through the whole city. Important, this place is also filled with dangerous bicycles that might take your life.

Why we did like Utrecht was because it’s the same laid back feeling and energy as in Amsterdam. But a smaller place with fewer people. Canals through the whole city and right by them you have a lot of amazing restaurants where you can sit and eat. And also people sitting by the canals with a guitar and playing and also singing. Super!

The amazing thing with traveling is that you’re getting to know a lot of amazing people. One evening we sat down by one of the canals, about 10 meters from a big tree during the sunset to just soak in the day, we saw a lady come across the grass. She had something that looked like long curtains that she threw knotted up in the tree and started to dance with it. Areal silk. Caressa, as her name was, was amazing and such a great soul. I took some photos of her and we talked for a while.


So, during our stay in Netherlands, we had an amazing time, perfect weather and a nice chat with the police. What more can you expect? Vacation, wandering, chill time and some drama. Just as life should be.

Part one will stop right here and the story about Belgium and Luxembourg will continue on next. If we just say, imagen coming to a place where no one understands you and you are welcomed by a drunk hunter?

Until next time, Spread love 

– Vicky & Melvin

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  1. Really love Amsterdam! We will return 🙂 Thanks for tip about Utrecht – noted!

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