Timeless Adventures Part 2 – The drunk hunter

Timeless Adventures Part 2 – The drunk hunter

Remember in the earlier post when we wrote that it’s nice to arrive at a place before the dark has arrived. Well, that actually got more important when we arrived to the drunk hunter.

But let’s make one thing clear. Vicky will do most of the writing. So you guys can assume that it’s me when I write I/me in posts 🙂

The last day in Netherlands had arrived and always when I feel satisfied at a place I always get separation anxiety. But off we go towards Belgium. Neither one of us didn’t have any expectations for either Belgium or Luxembourg. Maybe because those countries aren’t something you hear a lot about. Expect from dog people. 🙂

Anyway, we had no idea where to go in Belgium or what you were supposed to see. A funny thing happened, one or two days before we left for Belgium, a couple liked one of our pictures with the Instagram name belgian.travelcouple. We started talking to each other and all the sudden we had a lot of tips of cities we have to visit. Gent was the next stop. We were driving in rain. It was like it hasn’t been raining for ages and all the sudden all rain had to come at the same time.

When we arrived at the city we found a campsite that cost so much for just staying there over a night. 27 Euro for just staying there, they had wifi but it didn’t work and also the bathrooms/showers weren’t that clean at all. If all these things were on top it would be understandable… But it wasn’t.

Even though the rain was pouring down we left the campsite and headed into the city. And one thing we noticed right away was that wow… what a sporty city! Everyone was either running, biking or even canoeing. Actually, when we walked into the city, that was like 5 km walk, it stopped raining. No, we weren’t going to pay that much for a campsite AND a bus ticket that also was ridiculously high. But the city compensated the walk because the city was amazing.

All though we got to hear that Gent was supposed to be the ultimate vegan town in Europe we didn’t feel it. Maybe we went to the wrong places but hey, it was a beautiful city with a lot of creators in art and music. It’s an old town just as many cities in Europe are but it’s quite amazing. I dont think we found any building that was new. And also the people were so nice. We actually went to a restaurant where we asked if they had vegan food, and his face just lightened up and wanted to tell us all about what dishes we could eat. And it was really good!

We actually like those places you didn’t plan to go to. They are just popping up and you don’t have any predictions of how it’s going to be. I think we, as human beings, should dare to actually be a little spontaneous. What is the worst thing that could happen?

The drunk hunter

Melvin and I love to hike. Not to talk about Shanty. She loves to sniff around in the bushes and grass maybe run around a bit to see if there is something to hunt (she is actually always on a leash because she will hunt it.) Therefore we found a place called Semois Valley. A place deep down in the woods along with a river where people are paddling kayaks. They had a lot of hiking tracks that we definitely wanted to check out… but.. we had to find somewhere to sleep. We had found a place for like 10 euro/night. Perfect! We were actually just going to stand there and sleep one or two nights and then keep it on forward. We drove and drove and drove and all the sudden we drove in on a small road… into the woods. Like far into the woods and the darkness was chasing our heals.. or wheels… But then we arrived…

Imagen this, you arrive at a place where people are living in trailers all year around. They have built their garden around the trailer and all you could see was garden gnomes and fences. In the beginning of the campsite, the have a wooden little shet where the “Cherif” could sit and guard with their huge dogs and his riffle right beside them… No okey that was my brain just making up possible images for situations that could be true (or not)…

If I say, rednecks, you will probably know what I mean. Like the picture of a redneck that movies has given us. We drove in at the site and we met two older women. We rolled down the windows and started to talk in English to them, because we were used to that everybody could talk, at least little bit, of English. They didn’t talk English at all. None. Nada…Only French, but they showed us a place where we could stay for the night and we asked if we could pay to them but they laughed and pointed in front of us. There was a silhouette walking towards us. Soon we’re seeing a man, in camouflage clothes and a hat and a cigarette in his left hand. He came to us and asked something in French but my 12-year-old french knowledge didn’t come to any help.

You could smell the alcohol in miles of distance and because the fog outside the smoke from the cigarette didn’t move when he blew it out. It stayed in the air. Melvin introduced himself and shook his hand but the man didn’t present himself. We asked if it was okay to stand here and then wanted to pay him. He said only that we could pay in the morning, in some kind of a weird way we understood that. I could only find a small sentence to say to the man.

Merci beaucoup

And he actually smiled a big smile and left to go back to his beer in his friends’ trailer.

We decided quite quickly that we only were supposed to sleep at the place and then go as soon as possible in the morning. Eat breakfast on a gas station somewhere on the road and find another place to stay where we felt safe. To be added to this story, we had absolutely NO reception on our cell phones. If we walked around a little in the RV we could get one dot. And by that dot, I could write to my parents and say where we were.. in a nice way so I wouldn’t scare them.

The morning arrived and we woke up to maybe 6 degrees. It was FREEZING cold. And guess what? The drunk hunter was out hunting. Maybe we should have told him that we were vegans? Jokes aside… He wasn’t there so we had to wait for him to come back so we could keep on our drive. And OFF COURSE our RV got stuck in the wet grass… But with a little help from the hunter, we made it out of it. And we could get going. Actually, the drunk driver smiled and waved us goodbye. We survived!

Did we still keep on chasing Semois after this? Yeah, we did. But to another place that also had that type of campsite. No one talked English but the man who owned the campsite was so polite and with a little sign language we had a, almost, perfect conversation. The best thing was that we had our spot right in front the river. And it was beautiful.

We were here for two nights and hiked a day in the hills and with the river by our side the whole time. It’s was amazing and also really calming to wander around in that place and the best of all was that it was almost no people. It happened that we met someone all the sudden but it was rare. The first hike outside of Sweden was an amazing one.

Anyway, we didn’t stay that much longer in Belgium and instead, we kept on driving towards Luxembourg that wasn’t going to be that special. Yeah, it had a nice view and we had great weather. But all looked the same. The buildings, the stores… yeah almost everything looked the same and the nearest campsite we found were 4 km away and we walked into the city and back home. Yeah, we could have taken the bus but if we can save money we want too, haha! We say in Sweden that where I’m coming from, Småland, the people are scrimped. But I would say more like we’re economical 😉

We are closing up on today’s date on our travel story so part 3 will take place in Austria. Amazing place where we got blessed with a beautiful second family in Vienna.

Until next time, that probably will be on Saturday,

Remember to spread love

– Vicky & Melvin

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