Timeless Adventures Part 3 – Our Austrian family

Timeless Adventures Part 3 – Our Austrian family

Who knew that we actually had a second family in Austria? That invited us for dinner, breakfast, celebrate a birthday and all in between. After our visit in Austria, we made friends for life.

Melvin and I were looking forward to traveling to Austria. That was because all the mountains we could climb, all the nature we could hike and also… meet a new friend that I got to know on Facebook.

But before we could get to Austria we had to drive a long and rainy way through Germany. And it hit us what a relief it had been to be in those countries where Shanty was excepted and welcomed. But when we came into Germany the muzzle had to get on and a short leash.

They way through Germany was so long and we had to stay overnight. In some places, it’s okay to stay at parking spots, that are marked for campers, and sleep overnight. Are you guys doing an adventure like this I would really recommend you to get this app called Parking. It costs 3 Euro for premium and it gives you access to places where you can park and stay overnight, campsites and even places where you can empty your camper from water and clean the toilet.

However, this was a place where you can park overnight and then keep on your journey. And like always, my nervous brain hears dinosaurs, the bigfoot outside of our window and snakes in the roof… Well, we survived that night too and it wasn’t that cold either. The journey kept on going to Austria and let me say, we knew when we were closing up because those mountain tops are impossible to miss out on.

The family

We were heading towards Vienna but the funny thing was this. When we were closing up it hit us… Vienna is actually the capital city of Austria. Yes, of course, we knew that before we left but in Sweden, Vienna is called Wien. And we didn’t reflect more about than that we were going to a city where we were supposed to meet a new friend. Yeah, so when we entered a road that had 4 or 5 lines to drive in stressed us out a little. But important to mention, Melvin is a total AMAZING driver. Keeping his calm (okay, sometimes a little frustration comes out of his mouth), drives safe and is focused on where he’s going. If this was me, I would have had a mental breakdown, stop the car and go out and walk the rest of the way… I need meditation… haha

We stayed at a campsite the first night but the day after we actually met up with this amazing lady called Anna and her beautiful Fina. I’ve been talking to Anna since July this year. Sometimes Facebook is just amazing and we’re both in a group called Camping and hiking with dogs that is a group for people who love hiking and camping with their dogs. So I wrote in that group that we are going to do this travel in a couple months and she wrote back and hey, who knew this was the beginning of an amazing friendship. 🙂

The beautiful thing is that her parents actually let us park our camper outside of their house, let us use the shower, wash our clothes and the cooked us food. Even invited us to Annas moms birthday. And this is the absolute best thing I LOVE about traveling. First of all, the hospitality was amazing. The way they were welcoming total strangers, especially in the world we’re living in today like it’s their own family. That means the world to both Melvin and me. The fact that Melvin and I also are vegans and Annas family is fixing vegan food. wow! And also that Anna is a vegetarian maybe makes it a little bit easier. They really became our second family. We will definitely visit them again… maybe on our way home.


The hike

Anna showed us around in Vienna and we also hiked in a national park nearby. The national park was so beautiful. We are not used to that kind of view that we were witnessing. Wow! We were walking with Anna her Fina and Rebecka with her Emma. We had a great time and we also visited some dears. Unfortunately, they were in an enclosure but we could witness the beauty of these creatures.

But this hike could have ended our adventure. We hadn’t been driving up in mountains before with the camper and we didn’t think more about that. Until we were the half way up and we noticed how steep it was and that Melvin had to drive in the first gear to get up. Our motor almost got overheated… But it doesn’t end there. If you go up, you need to go down. And yes, everything went well until I smelled something that was burning. When I told Melvin he felt it too but we were driving behind a smaller truck so we thought it was from that vehicle. The truck turned away and we still felt it so we stopped when we got down from the worst part and our breaks we’re BURNING! Okay, not actually flames but it came smoke from them. Melvin asked me for some water and he poured it on the breaks. It sounded like you have been frying something in a frying pan and then poured water all over it. He called his father to ask what we were going to do.

Whatever you do, do not pour water on them! Just let them cool down.

Oups. So the worst thing that could happen was that our brake discs were broken. And we could only know that by letting the breaks could down completely and then drive and try out the breaks. If it felt bumpy, we would be screwed. But we have some kind of angel watching over us because they are working just fine by now. Puh…


We felt that we couldn’t just go to Vienna and then leave Austria. Austria has so much more to show. We were supposed to travel down the country to get into Italy and therefore we thought that we should take a city on the way. And we decided to go to Gratz. A little city that caught us by surprise.

Sadly the rain decided to join us. We checked the weather the day before we were supposed to go out and guess what. It prognoses was telling us that the rain was going to pour down the whole day. I got cranky, Melvin was positive anyway. I got, even more, cranky and I was starting to drag Melvin with me in that mood.

Anyway, the day after it rained.. and rained.. and rained… But then all the sudden it stopped and we took on our raincoats, Shanty had to wear her jacket and our rainproof shoes were put on. And we started to walk… to the bus this time because we couldn’t walk this time. It was too far away from the campsite. When we got to the city it didn’t rain at all. And we had a blast. We found a lift that took us up to a castle and that had a view over the whole city.

We had a great time that we wanted to end with coffee. And when we were down in the city again we saw a little alley that just spoke to us. I think both Melvin and I said at the same time that we wanted to go in there. What did we find? A vegan café! Everything inside was, vegan, raw food and organic. And let me say, the coffee was amazing and also the cakes. Wow.

We ended the day and went back home. Still no rain, and fell asleep pretty fast when we got home. Next day was waiting and it was also a long drive ahead of us… Towards Italy!

This was everything for this time and next time its Italy’s turn. This country has given us mixed feelings. You get to know why in the next post.

Until that,

Spread love friends.

– Vicky and Melvin.


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