Timeless Adventures – #9 Ericeira, the surf paradise

Timeless Adventures – #9 Ericeira, the surf paradise

The sun was about to go down behind the cliffs. We parked the car as soon as we found a parking spot and sat down on the cliffs, listening to the ocean and watch the surfers.


We had no plans to go to Ericeira if it wasn’t for our friends Lisa and Naza who lives there. It all began with us driving into a parking lot to say goodnight to the sun and greet the moon. It was an amazing view. To sit down high up on the cliffs. Listen to the waves. Smell the salt from the ocean. Let the wind play with our hair. Yeah, our hair. Melvin has hair down to his shoulders.

It was the first time we actually saw surfers. Not for Melvin because he surfed in Hawaii but it was the absolute first time for me. And I loved it. It’s so impressive how the surfers keep on fighting catching the waves and if they fall they just get up again. Like life should be. If you fall just get up and catch the waves again.

We slept on a campsite to be able to do some laundry these days. Later on we headed to a beach nearby our place to meet up with the amazing couple Naza och Lisa. We met them for the first time during a yoga workshop and they are amazing yoga teachers. Even Melvin loved practicing for them, and he doesn’t even like yoga.

Time is running and we only had the time to drink a cup of coffee and talk about life. It was a great time even if it was short. But we will definitely see each other again soon. We decided to go back to the campsite to, later on, that night hit over to an amazing restaurant.


Brunch me is a sushi place where you can order all-you-can-eat after 9 pm. It was totally amazing and the staff was great. The restaurant was inspired by ocean theme. The walls had boat roads on it and the windows were formed as a circle as in old boat style. The restaurant was combined with a hotel and the reception was build on suitcases. Looked so cool!

Our waiter also told us that when they eat sushi in Japan, they don’t use chopsticks. They actually eat with their hands. We learned that after trying to eat a temaki sushi without any progress. To Melvins happiness was that he actually likes to eat sushi with his hands. So I think he will go back traditional.

Well, are you going to Ericeira, make sure you’ll go to this place. It’s totally worth it.


Later on the next day, our friends came back. You know, Carmen and Fran from Lisbon. It was great meeting them again. We drove around and checked out Ericeira together. It didn’t take that long because it is a really small town. However, we ended up on the beach and all the surfers. We sat down on the beach watching the sunset getting through the fog that appeared. The surfers were still in the ocean catching waves.

Carmen came up with the brilliant idea that we would sup-board surf in the sunset. It all ended up with that crazy girl jumped into the water by herself while we sat and cheered for her. It was a great time. One beautiful thing is that they family if two is going to be three in a couple of months. They will definitely be the best parents.

We left the beach when the sun had disappeared. And Carmen and Fran had 1 hours drive back to their place so we decided to say goodnight and hope to see each other soon again. And we definitely will.


We got some tips about places to eat as vegans. And this was one of them. Green is good and it definitely was. They had a lot of different dishes and they could easily fix something for us too… if we wanted to. 

However, they had amazing lunch options and during the evening they had more solid options. Like lasagna. Unfortunately, we didn’t go back in the evening to eat because hey… we have a budget to think about. 

We had some sandwiches that were really good and also a smoothie that wasn’t that good. It tasted more like water but maybe they had a bad day because the other things were totally amazing. 

It was a really nice co-working space. A lot of people were there to work and the staff was amazing and helpful. If you get the time to visit you really should.


Back to our friends Naza and Lisa. I want to start with saying that this is not a paid collaboration. I want to support this company because I genuinely love the work they put into their company. 

They are running a yoga company called Inspiroyoga. Both Melvin and I have been on workshops for these two earlier and they are one of the best yoga teachers that I’ve practiced for. They are super inspirational, pedagogic and just lovely living being. They are creating a relationship and bonding with their students and it creates such a warm feeling.

If you check their website, they have a lot going on right now and if you’re interested in yoga you should definitely check out their events. They have a teacher training next year, retreats in Portugal, Sweden, and Bali. 

If we had the time and money we would definitely go.



All though Ericeira is such an amazing little city, we got a little bit restless. If we had the passion for surfing we would probably stay longer. We left for other adventures and to meet more friends! 

Until next time, spread love!

– Melvin & Vicky 

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